Friday, April 22, 2016

"Earth Day" Concept

We have days dedicated for many things. One of that being for the earth. Since 1970, April 22nd is celebrated as the Earth day. This has been celebrated for 36 years now. But the question remains "Is this world a better place now compared to 36 years ago?".
Forefathers of this concept must have dreamed of a sustainable, developed and environmental friendly world. But in reality that goal is not yet reached.
We should not focus on fancy, attention seeking activities limited to the "EARTH DAY". Days are dedicated to certain things in order to up bring the morality of people. To encourage their enthusiasm on doing the right and saying "No" to wrong. But currently this is more likely to be a trend.
Every day should be an earth day, every hour should be an earth hour, every minute should be an earth minute, every second should be an earth second and every person should be an earth person. Only then we can pay our gratitude to earth.

Shivantha Withanage

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