Sunday, September 13, 2009

Effects on the school students by mobile phones

Shivantha Withanage

Modern world is rather different than the past. Today the world has developed. And it will be develop for a so much time. In the past people use many ways to communicate with the far away ones. But through the Industrial revolution, Telephone was invented Alexander Grahambel has the credit of making it. This instrument helps people to communicate very easily. The distance was not a matter. But carrying this device was not practical. So some phone companies in that time made mobile phones. This easy the way of using it. Phones help to make a communicating network or a global network around the world.

In the present most of the people have a mobile phone because mobile phone has become a human need. And in this Globalizing period most of the school students around the world use mobile phones. Students are attracted by the beautiful cases and the options of the cell phones. The rich uneducated people don’t have any idea about the bad effect on cell phones; buy a one to their children spending lot of money. But they don’t know that they are gifting daemon to their own children. Students use cell phones to show their level on the society. But these cell phones that students think very friendly to them have the strength to destroy their lives.

Mobile phones can be effect to the students’ life from many ways. One such problem is the health matters. The radio signals of the mobile phones are harmful to the body. These signals entered to the human body when they use phones near to their ears. These signals can destroy the memory and some parts of the brain. And also the signals with high frequency will harm the body parts and form students to patients. This also helps to short their life time. Another main problem is the abuse to mobile phones.

Modern cell phones have facilities to play music and watch films. They also include are video games. So students try to buy a one of this, from any way. Some of them urge from their parents and others may steal or do bad things to earn money to get a one. The colorful options tie the students to the cell phones. So they stop doing home work and their other studies and used to spend a lot of time with their mobile phones. They don’t even attend the school properly. So in the examination these students fail and destroy their lives themselves. Another vast matter is that students get internet facilities through the mobile phones. Sometimes this is very helpful to get information’s from the web sites. But some use this for useless things that are really bad. And also students find companions from the internet who is seeking for another. Most of them are with bad ideas and they try to use students for their illegal works. The students are forced by these people to drugs and to many other bad things. Students may be arrested by the police for these things. So they get in trouble.

Now you can understand how the students effected by mobile phones. So parents should not give a phone to a student without an especial reason. Before giving a mobile phone to a student they must be advised by someone about the effects of the cell phones. After giving it parents must aware about what are they doing with mobile phones? If they are using them for bad things parents should stop them and get them to the correct way. Then their lives will be lit up. And also schools and other institutes work with students should advice students about the effects of using mobile phones. Then the bad effects of the mobile phones on students will be less than the present in the future.


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