Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living together with others promoting tolerance and understanding each other

Shivantha Withanage

Our planet has passed many eras through thousands of years in its journey to present. As a result some regions have developed and some are still under developed. We can introduce these years that we are passing as a special period on the earth. Because this is the worst conflictive period of the earth.

Before a long time humans originated by apes. So it is clear that all the people originated from same species. The blood and the structure of the bodies are same of all humans. There are only a few differences between humans. So why are they fighting with each others? There were many conflicts among the nations and religions. But most of them end within some years. The conflicts now happening started long time ago and they are exist without ending.

Today the world has globalized and the whole world has become a universal village. In one hand there are many advantages of the globalization. It helps to transfer technologies, techniques, electronic devices, medicines and other goods among the countries. And it also useful to get help from other countries for development projects. However negative impacts of the globalization such as the immigrants within countries could be a reason foe explosive violents between different people. Present world and countries have a major diversity of people. They have grouped according to their casts, religions, nationalities and cultures. Most of them hate other ones who belong to other groups. These people live side by sides and fight for their rights. But all wars are useless and hard to understand what the real cause is. Mainly the ignorance of humans cause for these things. They don’t think about the future and only think about the present situation. So they destroy their whole future and also others. Low literacy rate is also a one reason for that. If you take those people who fight, most of them haven’t even attended to a school. The cunning leaders add ignorance to these people and fill them with hate. The discrimination among the people is also cause for these violent. The people unable to control their tolerance get weapons and get in to battle fields to destroy the other ones. Exclusion is another cause for conflicts. When the rulers or authorized people excruciate other people they will gather and fight for their freedom. These are some causes for the conflicts among the people in these modern societies.

At present people live in different countries immigrate to other countries as foreigners. These immigrants settle down in that countries and live in the main society. Some time they marry local women and mix with the society. When a huge number of immigrants such as refugees settle down in a country it will be a threat to the main society and it may cause many social problems. After they spread their nations or religions, the local people will surely get in a trouble. Somehow at last immigrants destroy the freedom of local people. There may be people who don’t like this. Then they will get actions against the foreigners. So it is necessary them to fight against the immigrants. But we can’t definitely recognize who is the responsible for this matter in a conflict like this. But definitely both sides have to suffer from the bad impacts. Mostly these kind of different socialistic people live and work on their side and most of young people get in to these conflicts and destroy their lives. They use their knowledge, talents, energy and abilities to destroy lives instead of using them to fulfill a life. So countries loss many valuable youth lives.

People should stop these violents. Because world can’t exist anymore with violent There must be a social integration. Then this will be reduce very soon. People should think and care about others. And be with them in their both happy and sad moments. Always we should friendly with others. Humans should admire other ones ideas. And they should take part in others cultural, religious and national festivals and try to strength the friendship. Then there will be no any matters. Because all the people think of others and friendly with them. Any one can’t destroy good and genuine persons. So the society with good people will be a safe place and the violent will stop. We should understand others needs and their culture and value them very much. And we also remember to protect others rights to help them to build a better social life. The religions help people to become calm and peaceful. People can learn them from temples, church and other religious places. Religions like Buddhism and Christianity help to make a disciplined person. One time lord Buddha said ‘People should live peacefully to success their lives’. So religions can play a huge role in this peace process.

Many governmental and non-governmental organizations provide facilities to live in harmony. They advocate people how to stop these violence. As a result, some international wars have temporary stopped. The peace process between India and Pakistan is a good example. Young people can also do many things to protect peace and make a peaceful society. They should be friend with different kind of people instead of take part in violence. And they can spread the idea about the peaceful society among the people. They can aware public about this and help to moderate peace between people. Then it will be a great dynamic and harmonious multicultural and peaceful society. If all the societies change themselves the whole world will change in to a peaceful place. We should forget all our physical differences between humans and get together from the heart. We also should initiate to achieve this target. Public and authorities must make a useful and practical process to do this. It will be great help for us to achieve this goal. Then the future world will be peaceful and all the humans will live together as sons and daughters of our mother earth.


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